Cru Selection

Cru Selection wines have a very rich colour, an extraordinary beautiful body, which reflects the characteristic mineral note. These non-filtered wines are also extremely persistent.

Cru Selection (Selekcija) wines are complex, produced with the best selected grapes from older vineyards, where the growth of the vine stopped years ago. The vine was cultivated so that its root system grew deeper, in a soil poor with organic components, it extracts only the mineral components that guarantee a constant high quality of the grape. The grapes are selectively hand picked when fully matured. Accurate production (maceration, soft long-lasting pressure, only most decantation, fermentation without added selected yeasts in 3,000 and 4,000 litre wooden barrels, malolactic fermentation)

and varying maturation periods in wooden barrels of different sizes give the wines a unique character. Selekcija wines are rich in colour, intense, with an extremely beautiful rich body, expressing the characteristic mineral note; these non-filtered wines are extremely persistent. Only the best wines from the best vintages are botteled as Selekcija. They are released on the market only after 2 to 4 years of maturation.

in the power of nature. In Brda, it created the ideal climatic conditions for growing vines. In the Primorska region, the sun generously warms and the warm wind caresses the curves of the Goriška Brda hills. Our vines are carefully selected and grown according to traditional methods.

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