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Brda Terroir

The fairy-tale union between the Julian Alps and Mediterranean Sea.

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On beautiful slopes of Brda where the warm Mediterranean climate meets the cool night brezzes from the Julian Alps we cultivate organic high quality grapes on Opoka soil. Unique climate allows us to craft elegant wines with a distinctive mineral character and lovely freshness.

Brda's Wine Haven

Trgatev Pinot Noir 59 Of 116

Our domain lays in the heart of Brda wine region, which offers ideal climatic conditions for growth of our vines. The hills of Brda open towards the Friulan (Collio) lowland with Julian Alps (50km) on one side and Adriatic sea (20km) on the other.

Terroir Triumph

Trgatev Pinot Noir 103 Of 116

On the other side, the Julian Alps and the Trnovska Plateau provide protection from the colder mountain climate, ensuring optimal conditions for vine growth. The soil of Brda, known as OPOKA, is composed of thick layers of marl, sandstone, and limestone, making it ideal for cultivating vines. This region has a rich viticultural history, with vineyards dating back to Roman antiquity.

Boundless Harmony

Grozdje In Trta Sauvignon 36 Of 38

History and politics has draw a border line, spliting the wine region between two countries: the Italian part is called Collio and the Slovenian side is Brda. Despite political division people, vineyards and wines are intertwined. 


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