Marjan Simčič Domaine
Marjan Simčič Domaine


Domaines vibrant wines are renowned
for their royal elegance, distinctive mineral notes and
impressive longevity.

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Our deep understanding of each grape variety plays a pivotal role in the maturation process, guided by a profound respect for nature and its natural cycles. 

01: Brda Classic - Exquisite Elegance

Trgatev Rebula Medana Jama 95 Of 154

Cellar is safe home for all our wines; each of them spends first period of their lives in naturally tempered quietness and calm darkness. Each line of our wines stays in designated vessel for a certain period of time, its development is closely monitored and regularly controlled.

The wines of our Brda Classic line mature in stainless steel tanks. They are suitable for drinking after one year of maturing.

02: Cru Selection - Cellar Sanctuary

Img 9045

The second line, labeled as Cru Selection is composed of complex wines, made exclusively from the best grapes, selected from the oldest vines and matured from 16 to 54 months in casks and wooden barrels of different sizes.

03: Opoka Cru - Brda's Timeless Wines

Trgatev Rebula Medana Jama 99 Of 154

Opoka Cru, our most prestigious line of wines is the special feature of our cellar. They are matured for 16 to 54 months in wooden barrels of different sizes.


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