Marjan Simčič Domaine
Marjan Simčič Domaine
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Organic Viticulture

Respecting and Preserving Nature at Every Step

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The quality of a wine is mainly determined in the vineyard. As guardians of our exceptional terroir, it is our responsibility to ensure they reach their full potential through careful vineyard management and constant attention. We do most of the work in the vineyards by hand. By using organic, biodynamic farming methods, we create a healthy environment that supports biodiversity.

01: Sustainability is at the Heart of Our Misson


Marjan Simčič's drive for sustainability is deeply ingrained in the ethos of his winemaking philosophy. With a profound respect for the land and a commitment to preserving it for future generations, Marjan embraces sustainable practices across every aspect of his vineyard management and winemaking processes.

02: Organic Farming


At the heart of Marjan's approach is organic farming. Recognising the importance of nurturing the soil and minimising the use of synthetic chemicals. In Brda sustainability is a way of living for the start, as steep slopes with narrow terraces demand a lot of manual work. This decision reflects his belief in working harmoniously with nature, fostering a healthy ecosystem where vines can thrive naturally. (One the photo one of many organic practices we use, named KAOLIN. We use it to fight climate change, particularly during summer heatwaves and involves the se of white clay to protect the vines&grapes from the heat). 

03: Beyond Organic: Embracing Biodynamic Practices

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Furthermore, Marjan extends his sustainability efforts beyond organic farming to incorporate biodynamic practices. By following the biodynamic calendar and implementing holistic methods, such as composting, cover cropping, and the use of herbal preparations, Marjan enhances the vitality of his vineyards while promoting biodiversity and soil health.

04: Maximising Terroir Potential


Let us only mention we do not irrigate any of our vineyards, but again we are using organic practices in our vineyards to retain the water (like "Sovescio" - green cover crops that prevent evaporation of the water; organic mulch - to keep a good drainage so the water does not run off, etc). Ensuring healthy vines with strong root system that extract the water as deep as 12m low.

04: Reducing Environmental Footprint


Marjan's commitment to sustainability extends into the winery as well. From energy-efficient practices we have our own solar system to power the winery and look for other possibilities to reduce the winery's environmental footprint while maintaining the highest standards of winemaking excellence.

04: Leading the Way: Marjan's Commitment to Brda's Future


Our winery is actively included into development of our wine region, as Marjan is a currently a president of Consortium Brda, and a strong ambassador of Brda region, promoting our local indigenous variety Rebula and our exceptional terroir, making sure a well being for the future generation to continue the farming in vineyards and keeping our beautiful region healthy and prosperous.

04: Our strong Commitment to Nature

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Overall, Marjan Simčič's drive for sustainability is a testament to his deep connection to the land and his dedication to producing wines of exceptional quality in a way that respects and preserves the environment for generations to come.


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