Decoration Numerals One 2019

Numerals One 2019

by Leonardo Simčič

Numerals One is an outstanding natural wine, a blend of two indigenous varieties. It creates a limited edition with a distinctive style, highlighting an exceptionally vibrant character and pleasant minerality.


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01: Wine characteristics and description

This is the vision of the next generation as a “timeless expression of terroir.” It’s a limited production of just 1200 bottles from 80 and 90-year-old vines, fermented for two weeks on skins in clay vessels. It’s a perfumed amber wine with hints of Mediterranean herbs, mandarin and tropical fruit. To taste, it has superb texture and generous, profound fruit, with hints of dried peach, mango, grapefruit zest and thyme. It’s whistle-clean and precise with a tangy, saline finish.

Tasting notes by CAROLINE GILBY, MW

02: Leonardo's Vision

Numerals One is my first released wine. My vision is to push boundaries in creating unique natural wines. The One showcases two exceptional indigenous varieties, Sauvignon Vert and Ribolla, that are hand-picked from vineyards of 90 and 80 years. The whole process stands out through an extreme selection process and all-natural traditional winemaking methods that my grandfathers used, where only 5% passed the test of greatness. Numerals One is a limited edition of 1000 bottles, a timeless expression of unparalleled character."

LEONARDO SIMČIČ, the 6th generation of the Simčič family.

Numerals One4x
  • Grapes sort:

    80% Sauvignon Vert, 20% Ribolla

  • Wine-Growing region:

    Collio - Italy, Brda - Slovenia

  • Vineyards:

    Ronc Zegla Cru

  • Vineyards location:

    Ronc Zegla Cru (Sauvignon Vert), Medana Jama Cru (Ribolla)

  • Vinyards age:

    80 - 90 years

  • Vineyards altitude:

    150 m Ronc Zegla Cru, 250 m Medana Jama Cru

  • Vineyard position:


  • Ground Structure:

    marl, slate and sandstone (opoka)

  • Harvest:

    hand-harvested second half of September (Sauvignon Vert) and beginning of October (Ribolla)


  94 pts  

by James Suckling

Vintage 2019



We experienced a relatively mild winter, providing a favorable start to the new growing season. However, during the flowering of the vines in the last weeks of May, we faced bad weather that lowered the quantities of the 2019 vintage. The hot and very dry summer again contributed to a slightly smaller harvest, but we were pleased with the quality of the grapes. Elevated temperatures in July and August enabled normal berry development, ensuring excellent phenolic maturity. Harvesting occurred through multiple rounds as we carefully sought optimal characteristics for each grape variety.

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