Marjan Simčič Domaine
Marjan Simčič Domaine
Decoration Pinot Noir 2021

Pinot Noir 2021

Cru Selection

Highlights the harmonious marriage of grapes and its microlocation, producing truly unique wines.


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01: Wine characteristics and description

A bright translucent red wine in a genuine Pinot Noir hue. The bouquet shows attractive purity of red fruit with a touch of tobacco leaf, well-integrated vanilla and a hint of black tea. To taste, there is plenty of juicy, wild strawberry fruit, supported by elegant acidity and fine-grained tannins. A youthful and very precise, pure expression of Pinot Noir that will repay a little patience.

Tasting notes by CAROLINE GILBY, MW

Pinot Noir4x
  • Grapes sort:

    100% Pinot Noir

  • Wine-growing region:

    Brda – Slovenia

  • Vineyards:

    Medana Jama

  • Vineyards age:

    25 years

  • Vineyards altitude:

    150-250 metres

  • Vineyards position:


  • Ground structure:

    marl, slate and sandstone (opoka)

  • Harvest:

    hand-harvested, bunches carefully selected - in the middle of September





The growing season in Brda began with mild and dry winter weather. Spring was somewhat cooler, leading to a slightly delayed start of the growing season compared to previous years. Flowering began around June 1st. The cooler temperatures, along with frequent rainfall during late spring and early summer, caused the vines to progress more slowly, but the development was uninterrupted. The summer of 2020 was lovely, characterized by sunny and warm weather, without any concerning heat waves and occasional rain showers that ensured optimal cluster growth and development. Gradual grape ripening took place in excellent conditions, with the right balance of sunlight and occasional rainfall. The harvest began in September and went exceptionally well. As a result, we expect an exceptionally high-quality vintage for both white and red wines.

The 2021 growing season will be remembered for unusual climatic conditions. We experienced a relatively mild winter, with temperatures rarely dropping below freezing, and very little rain, indicating the possibility of an early bud break. In contrast, temperatures decreased in March and April, and the cold weather continued into May, resulting in an extremely late start to flowering this year, which began on June 14th—marking the latest it has been in the last 25 years. Immediately after it began, temperatures quickly rose, and flowering progressed smoothly and rapidly for all grape varieties. Conditions returned to normal with a beautiful, warm summer—free from extreme heat waves and with little rainfall.  This allowed the vines to catch up to a normal pace, ensuring optimal vine activity and cluster development. The sunny, dry, and pleasantly warm conditions in the fall allowed the grapes to reach optimal ripeness. Hand harvesting, which began in the first week of September, brought the highest quality grapes to the cellar, with whole, healthy grapes, an excellent balance of sugar levels and acidity, and deeply aromatic grapes. We anticipate above-average quality in both white and red wines. The red wines will be intensely colored this year, with soft and mature tannins.

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