Marjan Simčič Domaine
Marjan Simčič Domaine
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Looking for essential beauty in wine.
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Our quest for perfection is eternal and finding the best ways to transform the robust and unruly nature into elegance and finesse is driving us forward.

01: Evolving Traditions

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Looking into the future starts with observation, analysis and understanding of present. The world is changing at unforseen pace, the wine world not being exception. Yes, our roots are deeply rooted in a tradition, but we are fully aware of emerging trends. Our main goal is to bring our exceptional wines event closer to wine enthusiast around the world.

02: Wine's Evolution

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That doesn’t mean that we will change our vinegrowing and winemaking philosophy. On the contrary: we will put our energy in finding the ways to impress new customers with elegance and finesse of our wines.

03: Dynamic Dialogues

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We like to talk abour wines, but even more we like to listen - experts from various fileds - growers, oenologists, merchants, sommeliers, chefs and of course the ones that our wines are made for - drinkers.

04: New projects


Evolution is our guiding principle, which is why we constantly explore and develop new projects that are about to unveil. Through these projects, we aim to bring our wines even closer to you, enriching your experience with our wines and services.


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