Marjan Simčič, a firm believer in the power of nature gracing the Goriška Brda with a perfect climate for thriving vineyards, has considered the variety Chardonnay a particular challenge for over thirty years.

On carefully selected, distinctive sites, working with traditional vine cultivation he crafts only the finest grapes, reflecting in the unique elegance and minerality of his wines.

An exclusive selection of our premium Chardonnay wines

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For passionate fans, Marjan has now briefly opened his own archive cellar, contributing several bottles of the phenomenal Chardonnay Opoka Jordano Cru 2017. On this unique occasion, we can offer it to you as part of a highly exclusive package created to celebrate International Chardonnay Day. In addition to the Chardonnay Opoka 2017, distinguished recipient of 100 points, you'll be able to sample two new vintages on the market, recent favourites of Marjan's.

Please see our offer.

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    Brda Classic

    Years of experience have shown that white wines produced in this way, with their expressive structure, which is not lost after maturing in the bottle for some years, should gain in expressive elegance laced with a marvellously pleasant minerality.

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    Cru Selections

    Cru Selection wines have a very rich colour, an extraordinary beautiful body, which reflects the characteristic mineral note. These non-filtered wines are also extremely persistent.

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    Opoka Cru

    They win us over with their harmony, which reflects in exceptional consistency between the rich body, sophisticated elegance and minerality.

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    This special wine offers a variety of pleasant aromas and fragrances that change over time, maturing and combining in perfect harmony.

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