Ribolla Opoka


Ribolla Opoka 2016 Detajl

Wine description

Deep yellow colour, with mineral fragrances. Clear, although only decanted and not filtered before bottling. The nose of the wine displays its nobility. Pleasant note. Fresh, well-balanced between alcohol and acids, announcing longevity. Persistent and very complex taste, tending to mature grape.

With food

We recommend it with white meat, fresh goat cheese, fish carpaccio, vegetable dishes (rizi bizi, pasta with basil), ideal with raw salmon, fresh salads with herbs and fruit salads with mint.


Suitable for drinking now, with great ageing potential, over 15 years.

    • Grape type:

      ribolla 100% cultivated with natural methods with respect for the natural cycle of the vine
    • Region:

    • Vineyards:

      vineyards Medana Jama (0.2ha), Jordano (0.3ha) and Breg (0.1ha)
    • Vineyards age:

      37–57 years
    • Vineyards altitude:

      200-250 m
    • Vineyards exposure:

      BRDA, vineyards Medana Jama (0.2ha), Jordano (0.3ha) and Breg (0.1ha)
    • Soil type:

      marl (opoka)
    • Harvest:

      hand-picked grapes from our oldest vineyards (35-55 years), packed in 15kg cases in the middle of and at the end of September
    • Vinification:

      the grapes are carefully picked when fully mature; 4 days of maceration in open oak tanks (tino) without temperature control. Soft pressure with a pneumatic wine press; static decanting of must; alcoholic fermentation with no added yeast in oak barrels (500l) min. 50% Allier. Partial malolactic fermentation.

    • Maturation:

      22 months in oak barrels of 500l. Bottled with the waning moon, with no filtration, or minimal filtration, 24 months after harvest, with very low levels of SO2.
    • Maturation in bottle:

      at least 6 months
    • Alcohol:

      13,5% vol
    • Total acidity:

      5,4 g/l
    • Bottle:

      2666 bottles 0,75l, 99 bottles 1,5l, 15 bottles 3l
    • Bottling:

      In january 2012 - extremely limited production
    • Serving temperature:


Opoka Cru

They win us over with their harmony, which reflects in exceptional consistency between the rich body, sophisticated elegance and minerality.

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