They win us over with their harmony, which reflects in exceptional consistency between the rich body, sophisticated elegance and minerality.

Our most prestigious wines, with the signature  of Marjan Simčič, are new to our cellar. They are simply the best of the best. With their outstanding mineral structure, this wines express the ideal connection between all the experience of cultivating selected parts of the oldest vineyards (grown on soil enriched with salts of marl minerals), the winemaker’s character and the terroir.

They are produced only with grapes of the most exceptional harvests, in extremely small quantities, matured for 22 to 36 months in the finest wooden barrels and poured with no filtration, except during decantation.They are released to the market only six months after bottling.

All this considered, the Opoka Cru wines (Ribolla, Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay and Merlot) are extremely rich and complex.

in traditional winemaking methods. Experience has taught us to apply only natural methods to vine cultivation, and not to use irrigation, artificial fertilisers or insecticides. Only humus. This makes the plants use the maximum amount of water and minerals, so they become more resistant and produce healthy and complex grapes, which gives wine elegance and nobility.

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