Leonardo 2015

Wine description

An unique wine in our cellar, Leonardo sweet wine is produced with 5,000 kg of extraordinary Ribolla grapes that are hand picked and air dried for seven months in wooden cases. During natural drying, these late picked grapes, that are fully matured and carefully selected, lose more than 90% of their weight, due to the slow drying process. The skin wrinkles (raisin aspect), the sugar and acid levels rise. The naturally obtained concentrations of sugar and other components give the wine a greater aroma and complexity. Due to its specifically tawny colour, even amateurs can predict an extremely complex wine that can hardly be described in words. This special wine offers a variety of pleasant aromas and fragrances that change over time, maturating and combining in perfect harmony. In the young wine, a typically sophisticated aroma of Ribolla grape prevails. It slowly grows into mild fragrances of vanilla, honey, dry fruit (apricot, fig...), soft lemon blossom, orange peel, light tobacco... The first impression in the mouth is always silky – perfectly brilliant. The bouquet is repeated in the mouth. For an instant, you have the feeling that dry apricot prevails. However, we are more surprised by the extremely strong, but not boastful character, with an extraordinary elegance and harmony. A successful preservation of the balance between sugar and acids gives the wine a pleasant sweetness and freshness. A mild bitterness rounds it all in a perfect harmony. The aftertaste is really fabulous, as the wine tells a story that goes on and on.

With food

We recommend it with caramel desserts, chocolate or dried fruit; with Tête de Moine cheese; or alone as a glass of wine while relaxing, maybe with a good cigar.


Although many connoisseurs say that the wine peaks after 15 years of maturing in the bottle, others prefer the soft fresh taste and full body that the wine offers after 60 months of maturation. However, stored correctly, the wine will improve over the years.

    • Grape type:

    • Region:

      Brda – Slovenia
    • Vineyards:

      Medana - Jama
    • Vineyards age:

      58 years
    • Vineyards altitude:

      200 - 250 metres above sea level
    • Vineyards exposure:

    • Soil type:

      marl, slate and sandstone
    • Harvest:

      hand-harvested, bunches carefully selected – selection of fully ripe grapes at the beginning of October; air drying in wood cases until April (passito)
    • Vinification:

      after 8 months of drying, the grapes are pressed with a manual hydraulic wine press; fermentation in 225 Litre oak barrels (barrique)

    • Maturation:

      at least 48 months in 225 Litre oak barrels
    • Alcohol:

      14,0 % vol
    • Total acidity:

      7,3 g / l
    • Bottle:

      0,375 l
    • Bottling:

      1.066 bottles 0,375 l in February 2015. Without cleaning and filtration.
    • Serving temperature:

      12 - 14 °C
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