Teodor Bianco Cru Selection


CRU Selection Teodor Bianco 2018 detajl vina

Wine description

Intensely rich, golden-yellow colour. An elegant fruity wine, with a fragrant hint of dried flowers and buttered toast, combined with a slight note of vanilla. This bland is based on Ribolla, the most traditional grape variety in Brda region - that is why it best reflects the regional terroir. It is quite elegant, rich and creamy, because it is aged in various types of barrels that best suit each individual grape variety. Leaving the wine on the yeast, gives this very mineral wine its character. A long, warm, pleasantly bitter aftertaste is characteristic of a good Ribolla.

With food

Try it with vegetable and poultry (e.g. duck) dishes, or small game; excellent with fish or scampi; risotto or pasta with truffles and medium-aged cheese.


Excellent ageing potential of fifteen years or more.

    • Grape type:

      ribolla 60%, pinot grigio 20% and sauvignonasse 20%
    • Region:

      Collio – Italy, Brda – Slovenia
    • Vineyards:

      Medana (Ribolla), Breg (Sauvignonasse), Rusic (Pinot Grigio)
    • Vineyards age:

      25-56 years
    • Vineyards altitude:

      150-250 metres above sea level
    • Vineyards exposure:

    • Soil type:

      marl, slate and sandstone (opoka)
    • Harvest:

      hand-harvested, bunches carefully selected, end of September, beginning of October
    • Vinification:

      separation of grapes according to different varieties –ribolla: 14 days of maceration in contact with the skins in 3,000l conical oak barrels (tino); Sauvignonasse: 5 days of maceration in contact with the skins in stainless steel tanks; Pinot Grigio: 2 days of maceration in contact with the skins in stainless steel tanks; the fermentation of all three varieties is performed at natural temperatures

    • Maturation:

      separation according to different varieties – Ribolla: 22 months in large oak barrels (tino, tono); Sauvignonasse: 22 months in large oak barrels (tono); Pinot Grigio: 22 months in oak barrels (barrique); the wines are blended prior to bottling
    • Maturation in bottle:

      at least 6 months
    • Alcohol:

      13,5% vol
    • Total acidity:

      4,9 g/l
    • Bottle:

      0,75 l, 1,5 l, 3 l
    • Bottling:

      5.946 bottles 0,75 l, 300 bottles 1,5 l , 30 bottles 3 l, without cleaning or filtration
    • Serving temperature:

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