Teodor Red Selekcija


Teodor Rosso L

Wine description

Dark velvety red color, still solid and young. The mature and warm bouquet is a combination of several different aromas - dark berries, jams, tobacco and fresh leather. The first impression is sweet. The taste is rich, spicy and fruity: dark berries and plums. It has a strong structure and noticeable freshness. At the end you can recognize notes of dark chocolate, spices and leather. It develops and fades slowly. 

With food

This excellent wine may be combined with dishes of modern haute cuisine as well as with the traditional ones. Serve it with a wide variety of meat dishes – venison and all types of red meat. It also goes great with mature, slightly spiced sheep milk cheese.


Even today the wine shows a wide variety of scent and an elegant structure of its body. With its maturing in the bottle the wine will only grow on softness and elegance. Therefore we can leave it ageing for fifteen years or longer.


Cru Selections

Cru Selection wines have a very rich colour, an extraordinary beautiful body, which reflects the characteristic mineral note. These non-filtered wines are also extremely persistent.

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