Chardonnay Selekcija


Chardonnay CRU Selection L

Wine description

Deep yellow colour with a cast of gold. A rich, dry wine, with an unassuming bouquet of vanilla and tropical fruit - melon and guava - developing into a moderate degree of spiciness. It has an elegant, well-rounded and attractive texture. It has a good balance between full body, alcohol and freshness. Due to its production methods, it is very mineral, with a hit of spice. It has a strong taste and at the same time an amazing elegance, harmony and extremely agradable freshness. It has an excellent aging potential.

With food

A wine with such a rich body, like a Chardonnay Selekcija, may be served with flavoured dishes. We recommend serving it with medium spiced dishes with mushrooms, mussels and truffles, rich sea-food and non-fatty meat, with different herb or creamy sauces and foie gras.


Suitable for drinking, with an excellent ageing potential over fifteen years.


Cru Selections

Cru Selection wines have a very rich colour, an extraordinary beautiful body, which reflects the characteristic mineral note. These non-filtered wines are also extremely persistent.

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