Sauvignon Vert


Brda Classic Sauvignon Vert 2021 detajl vina

Wine description

Sauvignonasse is the new denomination for the former Furlanski tokaj ("Tocai Friulano"), which was renounced by Slovene wine producers in 2005 due to the victory of the Hungarians over other users of the name. Made from very mature grapes. Colour is yellow, with a shade of gold. It has an extremely full-bodied, rich and long-lasting aroma. After several minutes, a complex aroma develops, ranging from a herbal note to the fragrance of dried flowers. A touch of minerality can also be discerned. The taste is initially peachy, then fruity. It is rich and full-bodied. There is a pleasant aftertaste of ripe, bitter almonds.

With food

This wine is a perfect independent appetiser. It is normally served with a wide range of starters. Highly recommended with modern cuisine.


Maturation in the bottle may develop up to ten years.

    • Grape type:

      sauvignon vert
    • Region:

      Collio - Italia
    • Vineyards:

      Zegla, Podgredič
    • Vineyards age:

      33 - 53 years
    • Vineyards altitude:

      120 - 250 metres above sea level
    • Vineyards exposure:

    • Soil type:

      marl, slate, sandstone and clay
    • Harvest:

      hand-harvested, In the second half of September
    • Vinification:

      up to 24 hours of maceration, fermentation with natural yeasts of grapes, in stainless steel tanks.

    • Maturation:

      6 months on lees in stainless steel tanks
    • Maturation in bottle:

      at least a month
    • Alcohol:

      13,5 % vol
    • Total acidity:

      5,1 g / l
    • Bottle:

      0,75 l
    • Bottling:

      2.666 bottles in March 2022
    • Serving temperature:

      10 - 12 °C

Brda Classic

Years of experience have shown that white wines produced in this way, with their expressive structure, which is not lost after maturing in the bottle for some years, should gain in expressive elegance laced with a marvellously pleasant minerality.

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