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  • Philosophy

    We believe in our wines, because we believe in our grapes. Simčič wines are produced from grapes that are cultivated in our own vineyards located in the very heart of Goriška brda.

    We believe in the Goriška brda soil which was left by the sea on the hills' surface in ancient times. Wind, rain and sun have ground, washed and heated it for thousands of years. The outcome was a soil rich in minerals, which contributes to the production of unique wines.

    We believe in the magic of Goriška brda hill roundness, sun of the Primorska region and the warm Mediterranean wind. Here the Mediterranean and the Alps shake hands. Our grandparents believed that this region is something special. We prove that they were not wrong. These are the ideal climate conditions for the vine's growth.

    We believe in grape cultivation with the most natural methods. We respect vine's natural capacity of producing grapes. It is for this reason that we have a low return, with grapes left on vines as long as possible.

    We believe in the most traditional and ancestral vinification methods. We follow our grandparents' experience which has been preserved in Brda over the past decades. We believe that these are the most precious methods as the survived centuries of experimenting and improving. We are proud to be the successors of the rich Brda winemaking culture.

    We believe in the power of nature. Our cultivating method obliges the plants to compete for water and the minerals from the soil. In this way they become more resistant and naturally produce healthy and strong grapes – this method gives wine nobility and elegance.

    We believe that high quality can be reached only by complete devotion and trustiness. We devote our attention to the vine with the scientist's accuracy and the romantic love. All our vines have been accurately selected and planted spaced out, just like in typical Friuli vineyards.

    We believe that modern knowledge can implement traditional winemaking methods. However, every step we take is the consequence of precise evaluations, there is no automatism.

    We believe in the Latin phrase "in vino veritas" - there is truth in wine. Our wine tells the story of our region and our family, the story of the journey that brought us to this magic land and the story of love that linked us so strongly. This story flows in every glass of our wine.

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