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    If you think of the vineyard as a body, then our cellar is the heart of Marjan Simčič's farm. We produce 90,000 bottles of wine per year, divided in three different lines.

    Five metres underground, surrounded by olive trees and vineyards, is our modern wine cellar, which provides optimal conditions for the production and maturation of our wines.

    The first line is names Brda Classic. The wines (RibollaSauvignonasse, Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon and Pinot Grigio) mature in stainless steel tanks. They are suitable for drinking after one year of maturing.

    The second line, labeled as Cru Selection (Selekcija) in composed of complex wines, made exclusively from the best grapes, selected from the oldest vines and matured slowly (2 to 4 years) in casks and wooden barrels of different sizes. None of these wines (Ribolla Selection, Sauvignon Blanc Selection, Chardonnay Selection, Teodor White Selection, Teodor Red Selection, Pinot Noir Selection and Leonardo) undergo filtration. Only the best vintages bear the label Cru Selection.

    Opoka Cru, our most prestigious line of wines, with the signature of Marjan Simčič, is the special feature of our cellar. They are simply the best of the best. They are produced only with the most exceptional harvests, in extremely small quantities, matured for 22 to 36 months in the best wooden barrels, and poured without filtration, except for decanting. They are offered to the market only after seven months of lying in the bottle. All this makes these wines (Ribolla, Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay and Merlot) extremely rich and complex. They persuade us with an exceptional harmony between rich body, fine elegance and minerality.

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